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Car Services

Suspension Repair

Our Suspension specialists are expert in fixing any issues related with the shock absorbers and the suspension systems. After running the diagnostics, We can discuss the service options necessary for your steering and suspension systems. Our Technicians are expertise fixing your issues like“ Pulling on one side while driving, One corner sits low, Difficulty to Steer, Feeling every bump, Diving, rolling and leaning”.

Engine Work

Our work ensures that your car sounds will be arrested with our latest software tool. If you are facing any Mechanical Failure, Electrical Failure and Running Failure, don’t worry we are expert in handling it. From the sight of its exclusive work and the feel of high-quality materials to the unique and compelling sound will be arrested by the precisely-engineered by the powerplant of your driving your car.”.

All Electrical Work

If your vehicle seems to be having any electrical problems, the dedicated professionals at Ambaal Motors are ready to hear from you.we focus on an honest, transparent, service-centered approach that keeps our customers behind the wheel when it comes to the health of their vehicles. We’re ready to assess your car or truck and get you back on the road as quickly, safely, and affordable as possible.

Wheel Alignment with 4D

A four wheel alignment consists of adjusting the suspension of your vehicle so that all wheels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground.Alignment with latest 4D.Vulcanizing ,tyre correction and wheel balancing checking.

Painting & Tinkering

Our service experts can assist you with colour change if you request. The same would incur an additional charge. We use dedicated paint racks and color-code matching to ensure that your car gets a showroom-finish.We use OEM paints from Nippon, Dupont, Asian & BSF to give your car a showroom-finish.

Interior Cleaning

Interior germ protection cleaning, seat scrubbing, cleaning inside windows, dashboard and central console cleaning, Vacuum / shampoo wash, removing stains, thereby making the car pleasant and hygienic.Tuff land polishing and Headlight Doom Cleaning. Interior Cleaning